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The Architectural Society of China
The Architectural Society of China (ASC) is a national academic institute constituted by the professionals of architectural science and technology in
China. It is the member institute of China Association for Science and Technology and closely related by profession to the Ministry of Housing and
Urban-Rural Development.

ASC was founded on 23 October 1953. Mr. Liang Sicheng, Mr. Yang Tingbao and other famous Chinese architects assumed the leadership in the
following years. Many members present at the first Council Meeting are from the Society for the Study of Chinese Architecture. ASC convenes the
most outstanding experts, scholars and engineering technicians of the architectural field in China, and becomes the reliable think-tank and
assistant to the government in promoting the urban and rural development.

The objective of ASC is to promote the development and prosperity of the Chinese architectural culture, implement the state strategy of
invigorating the country through science, technology and education as well as the strategy of sustainable development, unite and organize all
professionals of architectural field in China, insists on the policy of “letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought
contend”, encourage the academic attitude of seriousness and matter-of -fact, promote the blossom and development of the architectural
science and technology as well as its popularization and generalization, promote the growth and progress of the professional talents, serve the
national urban and rural construction development.

ASC defines its development strategy by adhering to “Pursuit of Academic Excellence, Pioneer in Industry Development, Assistant to Government
and Home for Members”. The main task of ASC is to develop the architectural theoretical research and the practice experience exchange, conduct
international cooperation and exchanges, edit and publish scientific and technical magazines and books, organize exhibitions and shows,
popularize the scientific knowledge and promote the advanced technology, provide the continued professional development and training service,
recommend and honor the outstanding achievements and talents, provide policy and technical consultancy for the industry development, reflect
members’ opinions and requirements, serve members and all engineering technicians as a home of all members.

ASC Council comprises 4 working committees and there are 55 sub- institutes under the umbrella of ASC.
 Membership. ASC has over 100,000 individual members including members, fellows, honorary members, student members and correspondence
members, and also has over 1000 corporation members. ASC entrusts its sub-institutes and local chapters to assist for admitting members and
practices dependency administration.

 Publications and Awards. The periodicals published by ASC are: Architectural JournalJournal of Building Structures and Architectural Practice.
ASC also published 
Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering (JAABE) with Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) and Architectural
Institute of Korea (AIK). In order to commend and encourage the work and contribution of the architectural engineering professionals from China
and around the world, ASC awards three prizes, namely Liang Sicheng Architecture Prize, Architectural Design Award and ASC Science and
Technology Progress Award.

 Conferences. Flagship events of ASC include: ASC Annual Conference, International Urban Design Conference, China Architecture Design
Exhibition (CADE), Weihai International Architectural Design Grand Prix & Habitat Festival, etc.

 International Cooperation. ASC joined in the International Union of Architects (UIA) as a national section in 1955 and joined in the Architects
Regional Council of Asia (ARCASIA) as a national member in 1989. ASC established and maintained academic exchanges and friendly cooperative
relationship with relevant organizations in the UK, the US, Japan, Russia, Republic of Korea, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Brazil,
Belarus, etc. ASC also communicated closely with architectural institutes in Hong Kong China, Macao China and Chinese Taipei.   

 Secretariat. The ASC Secretariat is located in Beijing and is composed of General Department, Academic Department, International Department,
Membership Department, Science Popularization Department, Finance Department, Architectural Education and Accreditation Work Office,
Science and Technology Consulting Center, Editorial Department of 
Architectural Journal, Editorial Department of Journal of Building Structures, 
Editorial Department of Architectural Practice and ASC Science and Technology Training Center.
Address: No. 9, Sanlihe Road, Beijing, China 100835
Website: www.chinaasc.org
Tel: + 86-10- 88082239, 88082224, 88082242
Fax: + 86-10-88082222
E-mail: gjb@chinaasc.org; zhb@chinaasc.org; xsb@chinaasc.org